Tissue Histology

Transcriptomes generated from GEO .CEL files and normalized according to MAS 5.0 P/M/A calls.

GEO SeriesTissueSamples
GSE10927 Human adrenocortical carcinomas, adenomas, and normal. view
GSE19650 Human pancreatic carcinomas, adenomas, and normal. view
GSE27155 Human thyroid carcinomas, adenomas and normal. view
GSE4183 Human colon rectal carcinomas, adenomas, inflammations and normal view
GSE8581 Human Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) Biomarker view
GSE37768 Expression data in lung tissue from moderate COPD patients, healthy smokers and nonsmokers view
GSE26168 Type 2 Diabetes mellitus: mRNA and miRNA profiling view
GSE29652 Microarray analysis of the astrocyte transcriptome in the ageing brain: relationship to Alzheimer's pathology and ApoE genotype view

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