Cancer cells have large and small abnormalities in their genetic material: additional or missing chromosomes, mutated genes and other types of genetic alterations due to dysfunctional pathways including DNA repair and chromosome stability. The loss of Genome Maintenance Mechanisms (GMM) is one of the most important aspects of human carcinogenesis being related to 90% of the deaths from cancer and several genetic syndromes are known to be associated to GMM dysfunction. Ontocancro is a database that compiles gene pathways involved in GMM that comprises several pathways and subpathways of cell cycle, DNA repair mechanisms, apoptosis and chromosome stability whose information is scattered in the scientific literature and in many databases such as NCI-Nature, BioCarta, KEGG, Reactome, Prosite, Gene Ontology and String.

Due to the large heterogeneity of the data available from these databases and the absence of a specialized tool in GMM is difficult to build models involving these pathways. Ontocancro aims to facilitate the GMM network and functional modeling for the integration of genomic, transcriptomic and interatomic data.

Ontocancro project is a collaboration among Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Centro Universitário Franciscano and Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul from Brazil. Ontocancro is an open source and free on-line resource.